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#Maribor #Lent #pov (at Lent)

First step of #wine making :) (at Jareninski Dol, Brezovica, Slovenia)

#Flower #macro

Jesenska 🍂🍁🍃 (at Tomšičev Drevored)

A spiders home :) (at Jareninski Dol, Brezovica, Slovenia)

I have a spider

I have a spider.

He lives on my bicycle.

I wake him up every morning, when I go to work. For as long as the ride takes, he seeks shelter near the bell, to crawl back on his web, as we arrive.

When we go back home, his web is full of food parcels, he managed to collect, while guarding my bicycle in front of my works building.

We cycle home and once again his net waves with the wind it filters, to find rest for a good nights sleep in the basement of my home.

Till the next day when we take tis journey again.

Yes, I have a spider. :)

Mudi se mu :))) #minisnail (at Pri ptićji hiśici)

Skalnjak, ki to ni :) (at Stari Grad, Buzet)

Upside down #nofilter. (at Tunarica)

It is. Or isn’t it? :) (at Jareninski Dol, Brezovica, Slovenia)