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Ne, to ni slika iz galerije. Je “zgolj” tipični MB smetnjak. :) (at Maribor, Slovenia)

Malica … :) #peach #physalis (at Zavarovalnica Maribor)

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Primordial energy … I need it.


Morning, mourning … What a difference a letter makes.

The purpose of having someone to tell you how sorry they are for your loss of a beloved person came clear to me these days.

While I was standing hard as a rock, protected by several walls I slowly rose up after some deep cuts into my beating heart in the past, those notes of compasion came like a tsunami and washed everything away.

It is like, trough their eyes, trough their words, I could finally come to realise what happened. I could put the stamp of reality to this happening and … see, feal, deal with it.

After several episodes of downtalk in my head, telling my self the tale of death being an inevitable part of life and the exact otherside of birth and therefore nothing to be afraid of and to moarn about… I realised the other, not so calming part of dying. It is all about finality.

The sound of their voice - no more, the touch of their hand - vanished, the feel of their laugh - blown away… For good.

This is the sad truth, worth mourning.

I came to realise.

English Summer Rain :) ☔ (at Tomšičev Drevored)

Nebo ne bo … (at Lent)

Welcome to the jungle :)

I attacked the salad monster :)