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Mudi se mu :))) #minisnail (at Pri ptićji hiśici)

Skalnjak, ki to ni :) (at Stari Grad, Buzet)

Upside down #nofilter. (at Tunarica)

It is. Or isn’t it? :) (at Jareninski Dol, Brezovica, Slovenia)

Ultraviolet. (at Tabu Caffe)

Kje pa vas čevelj žuli? :)))

Buying and selling used books on #Kupindo [in Serbia]

For all my friends in #Serbia …

Now you can sell your used books on #Kupindo. And buy new used books right away with the money.

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For all my friends in #Serbia …

If you haven’t heard od Limundo before, now is the right moment to investigate.

Check out this awsome online selling/buying service, where you can sell your old stuff to buy new or even earn money for a vacation.

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From color photo to bw #flower #pattern. (at Jareninski Dol, Brezovica, Slovenia)

Ne, to ni slika iz galerije. Je “zgolj” tipični MB smetnjak. :) (at Maribor, Slovenia)